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Despair "Four Years Of Decay: 1994-1998"


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Before he was in Buried Alive and Terror, Scott Vogel fronted Despair, a powerful hardcore band that held down the scene in Buffalo, NY, from 1994-1998. This 2xLP collects all 27 tracks from Despair. 2xLP includes digital download.

Track Listing: 
01. One Thousand Cries
02. Turncoat
03. Stoneface
04. Decay
05. Day Of Atonement
06. Follow The Leader
07. All Deceived
08. To Bare The Burden
09. Seven Layers Of Waste
10. Day Of Atonement (Alternate Version)
11. Rust
12. Stoneface (Alternate Version)
13. Pattern Life
14. Crawl
15. Salvation's Slave
16. All Deceived (Alternate Version)
17. Fracture
18. The Deed Is Done
19. As We Bleed
20. Fade To Numb
21. To The Depths Of Depair
22. In Disgust
23. In Arm's Reach
24. Kill
25. Already Dead
26. Fiction
27. Looking A Fake In The Eye