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Decultivate "Milovat"


In the spirit of the classic turbulent and violent hardcore bands of the ‘90s, Decultivate’s six-song debut LP lays the listener to waste before they even know what hit them. Clocking in at under 10 minutes, Milovattakes the no-frills / no-spare-breath approach of powerviolence and applies it to the crust-infused realm of dark hardcore. Imagine the black-clad fury of Cursed or Trap Them, then amplify the chaos and urgency. Pure vitriol with zero squandered notes.

The quartet began in 2017 and quickly established a name for themselves in the Czech hardcore scene for their frenzied and rage-fueled performances. Since then they have graced the stage with kindred spirits like Baptists, Daughters, Necrot, Full of Hell, Napalm Death, and The Body. With half the members sharing duties in the equally harrowing Flowers For Whores, Decultivate have proven to be dyed-in-the-wool proponents of the most vicious and vitriolic niches of the modern hardcore scene.

Decultivate were an obvious choice for one of the first entries in the PUSHTEEK catalog. If you’re searching for a potent and concentrated combination of brutal riffs and pulverizing beats that still manages to retain its precision and focus, look no further than Milovat.

Track Listing:
01. Röda Tårar
02. Óda na nenávist
03. Černobílý svět
04. Nevědomé podřízení
05. Eutanázie 2.0
06. Podřadnej druh