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Deakfids + Petbrick "Deafbrick"


As one traverses through new and intimidating terrain unfamiliar a short while ago, two collaborators have come together to unwittingly create a record curiously suited to an intimidating and unpredictable new era. Deafbrick, the collaboration between Säo Paulo’s sonic warriors Deafkids and London’s pulverising duo Petbrick is a vertiable force against adversity, and less a polite meeting of minds than a fiery collision whose impact and incandescence extend beyond the horizon.

The results run the gamut through a litany of uniformly invigorating audial landscaps—this is an arena where Deafkids’ appetite for lysergic punk-damaged tumult and Petbrick’s ventures into dystopian synth-driven soundscapes can happily engage in gladiatorial contest. From the unearthly percussive clangour of “Hyperkinetic Mass Disordert” to the DHR-addled chaos of the paint-stripping “Mega Ritual”, every second of Deafbrick is infused with malevolent charisma and iconoclastic élan.

Yet perhaps the ultimate destructive moment of this particular demolition derby comes via a thrillingly monomaniacal take on Discharge’s ‘Free Speech For The Dumb. Not that it necessarily met the approval of Discharge themselves, who make a cameo appearance on the song’s outro. “I asked them to record some quotes saying how much they hated our version” laughs Iggor. “One of them even said that Metallica did a better job. That really freaked me out!”  Metallica, it’s fair to say objectively, do not do a better job.

Track Listing:
01. Primeval I

02. Força Bruta
03. Sweat-Drenched Wreck
04. The Menace of the Dark Polar Night
05. Máquina Obssessivo-Compulsiva
06. O Antropoceno
07. Mega-ritual
08. Hyperkinetic Mass Disorder
09. Free Speech for the Dumb
10. Primeval II