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Deaf Club feat. HIRS Collective / Fuck Money

  • For this split, The HIRS Collective combine chaotic forces with Deaf Club on an original track, “Biblical Loophole” as well as a Nirvana cover of “Tourette’s.” The HIRS Collective exists to fight for, defend, and celebrate the survival of trans, queer, poc, black, women and any and all other folks who have to constantly face violence, marginalization, and oppression. They are “a collective of freaks and faggots that will never stop existing. Infinite and never ending. No one is going to kill us, we are going to live forever.”

    Deaf Club is a savage sound bath dripping with sardonicism: a blastbeat-centric hardcore punk assault channeling crust, thrash, and grind (un)sensibilities. Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B), Brian Amalfitano, Scott Osment (Glassing, Planet B), and Jason Klein (Run With The Hunted), approach music as an opportunity to confront our collective sicknesses.

    Fuck Money is an American scrape rock band based in Austin, TX. The group debuted in October 2021 consisting of members TaSzlin Trébuchet, Alton Jenkins, Bill Kenny, and Jeremy Humphries. Their sound draws on punk rock, noise, industrial, extreme music and other transgressive subgenres. The merciless & melodic stick-work of Alton Jenkins paired with the visceral intensity of frontman TaSz Trébuchet guides listeners down a path of challenging yet awe-inspiring sonic behavior.

    This 7” split will be available digitally as well as on limited edition color vinyl in three variants, ketchup, mustard, and splatter.

    Design and layout by Paul Rentler.

    Track Listing:
    01. Biblical Loophole - Deaf Club feat. HIRS Collective
    02. Tourette’s - Deaf Club feat. HIRS Collective
    03. Alley Tricks - Fuck Money
    04. Rat Queen - Fuck Money