Ourselves "Self Titled" - Deathwish Inc

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Dropping Bombs


Ourselves "Self Titled"


As a person whose first show was a Quicksand/Seaweed gig in 1993, my eyes definitely perked up when I saw my friend Scott post something last year about looking for people to do a project in the vein of Burn, 411, and of course, Quicksand. Over the next couple months, word spread, people came together, and that idea coalesced into Ourselves. Recorded by Orange 9mm/Collapse drummer Matthew Cross at his new studio Rise Like Lions, the bandsÍ first recorded output definitely taps into the spirit and urgency of the early-mid 90Ís post-hardcore sound

Track Listing:
01. Nothing is Written
02. Ballad for Crows
03. Stomping Grounds
04. We Sleep (They Live)