Dark Blue "Red White (Collected)" - Deathwish Inc

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Adagio 830


Dark Blue "Red White (Collected)"

This LP collects out of print singles and songs by DARK BLUE

Comprised of members of Clockcleaner, Ceremony, Paint It Black and Strand Of Oaks, Philadelphia's Dark Blue play burly, wide-open guitar sound that was found on earlier releases by such UK '80s bands as The Comsat Angels, The Stone Roses, Blitz, and Australia's The Church witch the carismatic voice of John Sharkey III.

Track Listing: 
01. Vicious Romance 
02. Delco Runts 
03. Punk, Garage, Post Punk, Philadelphia, - Just Another Night With The Boys 
04. Hungry For Love 
05. Subterranean Man 
06. Dear Iris 
07. Philadelphia, hardcore, soccer, garage, punk, - Skinhead Wedding In Canberra 
08. Chaos