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Mind Over Matter


Dad Hats "Spill"


Dad Hats is a four-piece rock outfit from Nashville, Tennessee, whose music oozes "indie rock charm mixed with the grit of upbeat pop-punk." Their sophomore release, Spill, comes complete with earworm guitar riffs, locomotor rhythms, and lyrics that are equal parts poignant and self-deprecating. Dad Hats harness the sound of parties you barely remember and embarrassing memories you kinda wish you could forget through the jangly and melodic guitar parts underpinned by the stealthy rhythm section that keeps bringing the pace back to an uptempo bounce. While the overall sound and aesthetic feel reminiscent and familiar, the vocals and lyrical themes avoid the childish histrionics of the genre.

For the physical release of Spill, Mind Over Matter Records presents the usual beautiful color variants packaged inside of a reverse board jacket, each one adorned with a screen printed image unique to the vinyl variant. The album layout was designed with several alternate covers, and they were able to produce limited run versions to accompany the various color options. The DIY canvases affixed to the front covers of the jackets were screen printed by hand at Mind Over Matter Records on high quality French Paper and then put into place one at a time across the entire pressing. It's a fun pop of flair on an incredible DIY release.

Track Listing:
01. Pavlov's Dog, Y'al
02. Claustrophobia
03. RWD
04. Spill
05. My Favorite Show Is The Weather Channel
06. The Fastest Man Alive
07. Brain In A Jar
08. No Good, Very Bad
09. Lake Song
10. Life In The Backseat
11. Super Bowl Sunday