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Crime In Stereo "Selective Wreckage"


Crime In Stereo's 2007 genre-defying album Crime In Stereo Is Dead was a huge step forward from 2006's punk outburst The Troubled Stateside. Selective Wreckage isn't so much of a B-sides collection as it is a collection of unreleased songs that document the band's evolution from the 2005 recording sessions for Stateside and 2007's Is Dead. Featuring the often rumored, but never released split EP with Capital, and songs from many recording session, this is a 10 song statement to Crime In Stereo's talent and diversity.

Track Listing:
01. (Panned Auras)
02. Everywhere and All the Time
03. Desertbed
04. Love
05. When the Women Come Out to Dance
06. Takbir
07. The Bride
08. Four X's
09. These People Ought to Know Who We Are and Tell That We Are Here
10. Let Me Take You Out