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Converge "Petitioning Forever"

This is a double 12"LP version of the band's first two full length albums. Remixed by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou @ God City Studios and remastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. These two brought new life to these classic recordings, allowing them to rage with a level of intensity many never thought possible.

Pulling from both metal and punk influences, Converge wrote an album in "Petitioning the Empty Sky" that literally created a sub-genre. Too metal for some and too hardcore for others, this recording is the anthemic beginnings of a band paving their own creative road. "When Forever Comes Crashing" is the album that showed Converge growing in new experimental directions. Again mutating and mixing the worlds of hardcore and metal even further. Paying as much homage to Dischord artists as much as it pays homage to the classic Earache catalog. A brutally heavy and truly groundbreaking album.

Track Listing:
01. The Saddest Day
02. Forsaken
03. Albatross
04. Dead
05. Shingles
06. Buried But Breathing
07. Farewell Note To This City
08. Color Me Blood Red
09. Love As Arson (Alternate version)
10. My Unsaid Everything
11. The High Cost Of Playing God
12. In Harms Way
13. Conduit
14. The Lowest Common Denominator
15. Towing Jehovah
16. When Forever Comes Crashing
17. Ten Cents
18. Year Of The Swine
19. Letterbomb
20. Love As Arson (Original version)
21. Bitter And Then Some

Test Press:
16 - Rejected
15 - Approved

First Press (came w/ bonus 7"EP):
150 - White (w/ bonus 7"EP)
350 - Clear (w/ bonus 7"EP)
500 - Clear Gold (w/ bonus 7"EP)

Second Press (no bonus 7"EP):
1000 Red/Yellow split, Blue/White split
1000 Red/Yellow mix, Blue/White mix
1000 Black/White mix, Black/White mix