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Cold Fell "Irwell"

Cold Fell is a black metal band from Manchester, England, named after a mountain in the Northern Pennines. Their music reflects the outsider spirit and abrasive landscape of the North of England, from the weekend violence of dying satellite towns to the grimy back alleys and decaying industrial follies of the cities.

Quoting Laurence Taylor, singer and lyricist of the band - "IRWELL is the result of almost four years work. As a band we have strived to create black metal which is straightforward and aggressive but original without veering into self-indulgent 'avant garde' territory- the diverse range of influences should be evident to the seasoned listener of black metal and its surrounding genres. Conceptually, the album presents the listener with the unpleasant facts of life, set against the fume-choked backdrop of provincial Northern towns and decaying cities"

IRWELL has been mixed and mastered by Tom Dring at Vagrant (Dragged Into Sunlight, Corrupt Moral Altar) and features artwork by Mark Mc Coy from Youth Attack.

Track Listing:Β Β 
01. Skull Crushed Against Salford Cobblestones
02. Bone Ceiling
03. Folly (Health and Glory)
04. Spleen i. (In Vino Veritas)
05. Spleen ii. (Bruised Like Fruit)
06. The Whip (Armed To The Teeth)
07. Dream Of Seppuku