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Cold Cave "Cherish The Light Years"

Cherish The Light Years is a remarkable progression both from Cold Cave's acclaimed debut Love Comes Close and the discordant, industrial skeletons on the Cremations compilation. "Cremations is only two years old but it's so drastically different," Eisold says. "Cherish The Light Years is what I then envisioned happening in the future, but I was just starting to make my own songs, and it escalated to this. Through experimentation I stumbled on more song-oriented music."Eisold's lyrics, largely inspired by nighttime walks after moving to New York City, are an extension of his work running the Heartworm publishing imprint. "That is a really important part of Cold Cave too. Lyrically, I want to convey what a lot of my favorite writers give me to other people. I want there to be this air of romance that has a seedy underbelly, like Jean Genet."Not unlike Genet, Lou Reed, Baudelaire or Arthur Russell, Eisold uses the temptations of the City to examine the duality of human nature: "It's impossible not to notice, or be intrigued by, or partake in these things. I think the whole record is a reflection of that, but also questioning your reaction to it, asking how much will you partake? Contradiction has always been a big part of every band I've been in, but I think this group of songs highlights that better than ever before."

Track Listing:
01. The Great Pan Is Dead
02. Pacing Around The Church
03. Confetti
04. Catacombs
05. Underworld USA
06. Icons Of Summer
07. Alchemy And You
08. Burning Sage
09.Villains Of The Moon