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Coliseum "Black Magic Punks"


Full length 12" LP of Coliseum remixes and reinterpretations by COLD CAVE, Justin K. Broadrick (GODFLESH, JESU), J. Robbins (JAWBOX), Atsuo (BORIS), Justin Foley (THE AUSTERITY PROGRAM), xo Madisyn (Will Allard of XERXES and WHIPS/CHAINS), and R PATTERN (Ryan Patterson of COLISEUM). Also includes "Black Magic Punks" album version and demo recording. Special limited edition pressing of 500 copies on purple vinyl. Includes download code.

Includes bonus DVD: BLACK MAGIC PUNKS: DECADE 2004-2014 DVD includes all of Coliseum's music videos to date, a full live set from Deathwish Fest 2014, Sister Faith and Parasites recording footage, Coliseum's We Have Signal episode, and many more live and documentary features. Limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Black Magic Punks (Album Version)
02. Heavy Magic Punks: Aniki Mix (Atsuo)
03. Black Magic Punks (Cold Cave)
04. Glass I: Everything in Dub (J. Robbins)
05. Blkmgc Punks (Justin Foley)
06. White Magic Punks: Sorcerer Mix (Justin K. Broadrick)
07. Cat Magic Punks: Black Ice Mix (R Pattern)
08. (Above) The Blood Of The Moon: Underneath Mix (R Pattern)
09. Black Magic Hunks (xo Madisyn)
10. Black Magic Punks (Demo)