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Church Road Monthly Subscription


Welcome to the Church Road Subscription club! Becoming a subscriber is THE best way to support us as we know we have sales to count on each month. The freedom that gives us is invaluable, we won’t have to turn down releasing bands we love because of worrying about breaking even and it gives us the platform to introduce you to brand new bands as well as old favourites.

CD - $10.99 (+shipping) a month
Vinyl - $24.99 (+shipping) a month

  • 10% off of all Church Road physical items of the store with the code CHRCHRD10
  • Exclusive subscriber only vinyl colour **
  • Exclusive subscriber-only content, which includes demos, instrumental versions of songs
  • In the event where we are in a month that does not have a release we will instead send exclusive merch to the value of your subscription.
  • You will be the first to hear about any new releases, tours and merch items
  • You can cancel any time

** on the occasion where we have too many subscribers for that month or there is a production shortfall, we will give you the next rarest colour.

Release schedule:
May 2024 - Graywave - Dancing in the Dust
April 2024 - Pick what you want month!
March 2024 - Blanket - Ceremonia
Februrary 2024 - Timelost - Drained
January 2024 - Mountain Caller 'Chronicle II: Hypergenesis'
December 2023 - Boss Keloid 'The Calming Influence of Teeth'
November 2023 - Underdark 'Managed Decline'
October 2023 - Rile 'Pessimist'
September 2023 - Blodet 'Death Mother'
July 2023 - The Sun's Journey Through The Night 'Worldless'
June 2023 - Burner 'It All Returns to Nothing'
May 2023 - Burial Clouds 'Last Days of a Dying World'
April 2023 - Wallowing 'EARTH REAPER' + free comic book
March 2023 - Ohhms 'Rot'
February 2023 - Going Off 'What Makes You Tick?'
January 2023 - Narrow Head 'Moment of Clarity' (please note this will be shipped in February)
December 2022 - Inhuman Nature 'Inhuman Nature'
November 2022 - Oversize 'Into the Ceiling'
October 2022 - Implore 'The Burden of Existence'
September 2022 - Pick what you want month!
August 2022 - Landlords 'Codeine'
July 2022 - Bastions 'Majestic Desolation'
June 2022 - Graywave 'Rebirth'
May 2022 - bigLOVE 'Crusaders of Joy'
April 2022 - Heriot 'Profound Morality'
March 2022 - Helpless 'Caged In Gold'
February 2022 - Tuskar 'Matriarch'
January 2022 - Grivo 'Omit'
December 2021 - Mondaze 'Late Bloom'
November 2021 - Voices 'Breaking the Trauma Bond'
October 2021 - Slow Crush 'Hush'
September 2021 - Blodet 'Vision'
August 2021 - Filth is Eternal 'Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal'
July 2021 - Antethic 'Mythographer B-sides'
June 2021 - Outlander 'Sundowning/Unconditional'
May 2021 - Epiphanic Truth 'Dark Triad: Bitter Psalms to a Sordid Species'
April 2021 - Cruelty 'There is No God Where I Am'
March 2021 - Celestial Sanctuary 'Soul Diminished'
February 2021 - Timelost 'Gushing Interest'
January 2021 - Wowod 'Yarost' I Proshchenie'
December 2020 - Respire 'Black Line'
November 2020 - Palm Reader 'Sleepless'

*** If you have already pre-ordered these items you can swap it out for another release/merch item of the same value. ***


Do I have to do anything after I’ve signed up?
Nope not a thing! Your subscription will auto-renew each month and you will continue to receive a release each month to your door (or it will show up on your Bandcamp library if you’re a digital subscriber). Just make sure you keep your shipping address up to date if you are a LP/CD subscriber!

What will be my first release?
Your first release is dependent on when you sign up. For example,  if you subscribe in January you will receive the January title in February and so on. So, no matter whether you sign up on January 1st or January 31th, the first record you receive will be in February. In other words -  You receive your first album the month after you join. We list all upcoming releases on our Bandcamp subscriber homepage (so bookmark this page if you can!).

What variant am I getting?
All pressing information is listed on our main website

For any other questions please email us