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Chopping Block "Demo 2019"


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Chopping Block is a brand-new hardcore band from Seattle, WA. Paying homage to the traditions of Pacific Northwest Hardcore of the past and present, the band is continuing the region’s tradition of fast, straight ahead hardcore. Featuring former members of Seattle’s Clarity, Red Scare, Moving On, and It Follows, this group is setting out to make a name for themselves as the Seattle Hardcore’s new linchpin and Safe Inside Records’ first release from a band out of the Pacific Northwest. With an explosive force reminiscent of the early React! Records sound of the mid-2000s and that of 1980s youth crew, Chopping Block’s demo tape, to be released in early 2020.

Track Listing: 
1. Blinded
2. Chopping Block
3. Trapped
4. Shape Shifter