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CHERUBS "Heroin Man"


Highly anticipated vinyl repress of the all-time noise rock classic true to the original 1994 pressing.

Heroin Man stands as both the chronological center of the Cherubs catalog, and it's defining moment. As one of noise rock's finest moments, Heroin Man is both a delicate, tragic statement and send-off to a friend who had OD'd, and a bellowing, roaring, over-amped screwball masterpiece of Butthole Surfers mayhem and Husker Du pop structures. It's sometimes difficult to distinguish between Kevin Whitley's guitar and Owen McMahon's bass, and that's precisely the point -- this is noise rock; and still at other's, Whitley's guitar is a washing, white-noise counterpoint to the pummeling rhythm section. This is a dense, sprawling, spiraling work showing a band peaking aesthetically, with perhaps an even more ambitious album to follow. Unfortunately, due to the usual host of reasons, that never occurred. Heroin Man was CHERUBS final studio album until their reformation 20+ years later.

Track Listing:
01. Stag Party
02. Animator
03. Blackhouse
04. Baby Huey
05. Dave of the Moon
06. Coonass
07. Mr. Goy
08. Cockpit-Kiss: The Shine
09. Venus Flytrap
10. The Big Groovy
11. Wornout Balls
12. Playdough
13. Example Maiden Japan/Devil's Food