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CHERUBS "2 Ynfynty"


First time on vinyl since it's original release in 2015!

Austin, TX cult noise rock kings, Cherubs, return with 2 Ynfynyty, their first new recordings in over 20 years. Produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, ....And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Slayer) in the summer of 2014, 2 Ynfynyty finds the trio rejuvenated with a more dangerous sound then ever. Picking up where they left off while trekking down a few unexpected turns, Cherubs effortlessly mix distorted heaviness with sublime songcraft. If Queens of the Stone Age made a pummeling noise rock record, this would be it. The band's previous records (1992's Icing and 1994's Heroin Man) have reached legendary status in the noise rock world and this record will be no exception. 2 Ynfynyty proves that Cherbus' long hiatus was worth the two decade wait.

Track Listing:
01. Sandy On The Beach
02. Crashing The Ride
03. Monkey Chow Mein
04. Unhappyable
05. Cumulo Nimbus
06. We Buy Gold
07. So Jellified
08. Evil May Acre
09. Party Ice
10. Sunday Mondays