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Eternal Sleep "The Emptiness Of"


The current iteration of band ETERNAL SLEEP came together in 2012, the members culminating their influences citing the works of Damnation A.D., Coalesce, Tad, Melvins, Alice In Chains and a wide array of metallic hardcore and grungy metal into a bruising, groove-fueled attack. The band has issued several short releases to date -- including the Lessons demo cassette as well as the Dead Like Me and Belief In The Truth Of Northing 7î EPs -- and has earned the respect of hardcore and metal fans and bands alike having toured the US several times and Europe once supporting the likes of Bane, Code Orange, HarmÍs Way, Madball, Discourse, Axis, The Beautiful Ones and more, including a performance at This Is Hardcore in 2015. Now, 2016 sees the band returning to TIHC and touring heavily in support of their debut album, The Emptiness Ofƒ, joining Xibalba, Disgrace, Twitching Tongues, Incendiary, GodÍs Hate, Harm's Way, and many others on Closed Casket ActivitiesÍ roster. All vinyl includes a digital download.

Track Listing:
01. The Emptiness Of...
02. Last King Words
03. Red Herring
04. Flesh/Blood
05. Typical Broken Heart
06. Parlor Tricks
07. Revisionist
08. Straw Man
09. Kenosis
10. Never Again A Harder Goodbye