Boss Keloid "The Calming Influence Of Teeth" - Deathwish Inc

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Church Road


Boss Keloid "The Calming Influence Of Teeth"


Hailed as one of the heavy music world’s most unbelievably stunning experiences, Boss Keloid are a band driven by a burning need to move forward.

Boss Keloid’s penchant for producing heavy and magnificently multi-layered music has generated huge support and massive expectations. Rising from the stoner/prog underground in the UK, they've produced some of the most mind-altering, genre-bending music while gaining a reputation for never standing still.

Track Listing:
01. Winehorse
02. Locking Stumps
03. Skipper's Pipes
04. Manson Lamps
05. Muscular Grin
06. Bellow of Blackened Beasts
07. Hoof Conductor
08. One For The Floorboards
09. Firm Set of Hordes