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Blkout "Point Of No Return"

At the heart of Blkout's sophomore full-length for Resist Records, these five musicians have ventured into new territory as they embrace the struggles of modern middle-class youth – from poverty and desperation to brushes with the law. Originally an outlet for the band to pay homage to New York greats like Cro-mags and Breakdown, the range of influences this band shares have seeped on to this release with diverse instrumentalisation favoured over the traditional hardcore fanfare.

Collaborating once again with Sydney producer Lachlan Mitchell at Def Wolf Studio, who lent a hand to the No Justice No Peace 7”, experimenting was a natural progression for the band. Brutally sincere and uncompromising, Point Of No Return sets in stone that Blkout are willing to push the boundaries of Australian hardcore to their hilt.

Track Listing: 
01. Sun God
02. Something To Remember
03. The Bottom
04. Face Of Fear
05. No Escape
06. Beyond My Depth
07. Classified
08. Dream Killer
09. Prisoner In Flesh
10. No Matter What
11. Remeber When