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Utah Jazz "Ivory Wave"


Years in the making, we're pleased to announce the release of the debut UTAH JAZZ LP, "Ivory Wave."æ Featuring members of the world-renowned BROWN SUGAR and regionally legendary MAYDAY, The UTAH JAZZ have been helping reform the dominant sound of the Western NY punk scene with their undefinable brand of dual-guitar rock'n'roll wankery for nigh on five years now.æ A more-than-suitable follow up to their previous works on #2 guitarist B. Gaffney's Media Schlitz imprint.æ F.F.O. HOMOSTUPIDS (... the mutant sounds of Cleveland, Ohio), ZZ TOP and good ol' fashioned American psychedelia.

Track Listing:
01. After The Bomb
02. Girlhitter
03. Ivory Wave
04. Dog Shoes
05. Dolphin Porn
06. Growin' Stuff
07. Riverside Blues
08. Inside Joke / Inside Job
09. Dimensions of Dialogue
10. Moontan