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Bleach Everything "Free Inside"


On the heels of a debut split 7” with Los Angeles, CA’s VORS (released earlier in the year), "Free Inside" is the first proper 7” EP from Richmond, VA’s BLEACH EVERYTHING. The band’s membership pedigree is highlighted by a present and past that includes IRON REAGAN, MAMMOTH GRINDER, JESUIT, SUPPRESSION, and CORN ON MACABRE amongst countless others. As one could surmise, BLEACH EVERYTHING specializes in all things short, fast, loud, violent, and often absurd.

Rooted deeply in the DIY punk ethos that gave each member a roadmap toward individual and collective musical longevity deep into adult life, all skills of the trade are on display here. Musically, the band charges further forward on the hellbent path established on the VORS split; absolutely relentless in its urgency, unrepentant in its sonic heft, and rife with entropic freneticism. Thematically, the band calls for self-empowerment (title track), self-reliance (“Sons of Hecate”), and space terror (“Facehugger”)…

…all within the span of five minutes.

Track Listing: 
01. Free Inside 
02. Sons of Hecate 
03. Facehugger