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Mind Over Matter


Bedroom Wounds "Kink"


Bedroom Wounds is the pseudonym under which Kristian Ratliff explores a darker, more experimental side of his musical ventures. Perhaps most commonly known as the drummer for midwest emo outfit Our Lady, Kristian uses Bedroom Wounds to showcase that he has more musical chops than just being an amazing drummer by taking on the full songwriting process and being a captivating frontman. "Kink" is an album born out of pain and growth, and you can sense the darkness and despair, which never quite resolves throughout the album, leaving the listener waiting for a breather that doesn't come.

Track Listing:Β 
01. House on Fire
02. Endless Night
03. Commercial
04. The Key
05. Burn In Me
06. Hold Down
07. The Moment
08. Kink
09. Fade