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Bastard Noise / Geronimo "Interia"


Laws of physics are little appreciated in their application to the realm of creativity. Nonetheless, this primary law applies & ideas wrought without perceivable mass or concrete form exact profound power upon the physical world - often with lasting and irreconcilable consequences. Where grey matter collides with “the real world” an assassination of status quo. A new - though not always improved - order is born of this reaction, ancient & intrepid.
A pure, constant & barely comprehensible velocity pervades every aspect of our lives; every particle, every planet, every galaxy that hominidae perceive is in blisteringly rapid states of motion. Is it not obvious that thoughts themselves have momentum?
The artists’ collective vision here realizes four creative trajectories wherein “civilized” humans blunder into a collective, analogous infestation of force.
A proof of concept inspired by a butterfly’s wing that stirs catastrophic power upon the atmosphere; a fruit-seller’s self-immolation setting tyrants across a hemisphere aflame; a madman’s paranoid ideas that smote a million souls over and over again: the tiny moment that enforce great power upon a system, be it a sacred construct of fluid dynamics or the tawdry lives of man-most-oft-unkind.
There are the chief ideas that dice these units at this sonic exploration. Within these grooves be a failure to heed to mighty demands of submission, mediocrity, and the over-general pathetic desire to blindly become drone fertilizer. In short: a celebration of sound, revolt & despair impelled at a very high rate of speed on an irreversible course by the solemn & perpetual nature of inertia.

-Bastard Senza Testa Noise/Geronimo 2013

Track Listing:
Bastard Noise
01. Red Elephant
02. Reduced to Dry Weight

01. Voice of the Satellite
02. Western Exterminator