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Ceremony "Rohnert Park"

Bay Area, CA's CEREMONY are back with their third and most unpredictable full-length album to date: Rohnert Park. Named after a town in California that the band grew up in, Rohnert Park is CEREMONY at their finest as they mix influences like BLACK FLAG, CIRCLE JERKS, FUCKED UP and THE STOOGES to present their most accessible and best material yet. This new album is equal parts aggressive, incendiary and, dare we say it, catchy. Don't let that fool you, though; CEREMONY's trademark pissed off punk stomp is apparent on Rohnert Park and vocalist Ross Farrar's lyrics and delivery are as fiery as ever.

Recorded this past winter in Oakland, CA with Dan Rathbun (TRAGEDY, FROM ASHES RISE), Rohnert Park is unsafe, noisy, dynamic and most importantly, impressive. This record will cement CEREMONY as one of the most destructive and meaningful bands that punk and hardcore has seen in years.

Track Listing: 
01. Into the Wayside Part I / Sick 
02. M.C.D.F. 
03. Moving Principle 
04. The Doldrums (Friendly City) 
05. Open Head 
06. Into the Wayside Part II 
07. Terminal Addiction
08. Don't Touch Me 
09. Back in '84 
10. All the Time 
11. The Pathos 
12. Nigh to Life 
13. Into the Wayside Part III