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Dropdead "Self Titled"

The terrorizing blistercore classic from '93 reissued and sounding as putrid as the day it was killed. Thirty-four songs of pulverizing political hate, social disgust and personal loathing. Originally released in 1993 on Selfless Recs, this 34 song album has been re-released with restored & updated artwork. Influenced by the old Japanese, European, and some US hardcore. An extreme mix of fast and mid-paced parts with angry vocals and personal/political lyrics. Also available on Blue vinyl with download card.

Track Listing: 
01. Hopeless 
02. Bullshit Tradition 
03. Sheep 
04. A Nation Sleeps 
05. Do You Choose Life 
06. Deliver Yourself 
07. At the Cost of an Animal 
08. I Will Defy 
09. Army of Hate 
10. Bosnia 
11. You Have A Voice 
12. Fucking Assholes 
13. Strength In Your Conviction 
14. Nazi Atrocities 
15. Herd 
16. Monument of Stupidity 
17. Unjustified Murder 
18. The Circle Complete 
19. Clone 
20. Only A Fool 
21. Requiem 
22. Control 
23. Life In Chains 
24. Stolen Life 
25. Chosen Path 
26. Wake of Deception 
27. Washed Away 
28. New World Slaughter 
29. Fucking Assholes Part 2 
30. Ignorant 
31. Regression 
32. Klan 
33. No Glory 
34. Still You Follow Blindly