Dropdead "Self Titled Second Album (1998)" - Deathwish Inc

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Dropdead "Self Titled Second Album (1998)"

The second album of sonic-grind, total obliti-core from Rhode Island's deafening devastators. Eighteen angry hardcore/thrash songs. Originally released in 1998, the first 500 came with a black on black screenprinted cover. The LP version plays from the inside to the outside on side one. 18 songs in a decidedly more Swedish HC vein, but with the usual odd breaks and fast parts throughout. More melodic than the first LP in some ways, and noisier in others

Track Listing: 
01. Superior 
02. Bitter Fruit (The Seed) 
03. Those Who We Deny 
04. Tied Down For Survival 
05. Clay 
06. Idiot Icon 
07. The Enemy Within (Part Two) 
08. Witch Hunt 
09. Nothing Less Than Lost 
10. Stone 
11. Us and Them 
12. One Inside One Hundred 
13. Justify Your Violence 
14. Spirit Lies Broken 
15. Dead Inside 
16. Life Disease 
17. I Will Stand 
18. What Once Was Life