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Antidote "Thou Shalt Not Kill"


If you're a ravenous consumer of New York hardcore obscurities like us, then you probably pored over tape trading lists late at night and wondered if Antidote's "Nazi Youth" demo actually existed, or was just a figment of tape traders' imaginations, or was (more realistically) just a bad dub of the 7". Well lo and behold, when we were tasked with re-releasing Antidote's classic "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" EP, we asked the band to dig into the vaults for a little something extra to pad things out into a 12", and they came up in spades! In addition to the legendary 8-song EP, you get the band's first 7-song demo recorded in 1982 at Jerry Williams' infamous 171A Studios, plus two songs recorded shortly thereafter for the lost Bad Brains Records compilation, and a previously uncirculated 12-song live set from 1983. The early demos feature original Antidote singer Jeff White (plus future Prong/Danzig axeman Tommy Victor on bass) and show the natural evolution from the band's punky roots to the well-oiled hardcore machine they became on their vinyl debut. The live set features "Thou Shalt Not Kill" howler Louie Rivera and contains several lost tracks that never made it to the studio. That's 29 tracks total of classic New York hardcore, 21 of which have never been heard anywhere before!

The LP also includes a 16-page, 12"x12" booklet containing photos, flyers and extensive liner notes by guitarist/founding member Robb "Nunzio" Ortiz, plus a reproduction of the band's original sticker design.

Pressing of 1000 copies.

Track Listing:
Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7"
01. Life As One
02. Nazi Youth
03. Real Deal
04. Foreign Job-Lot
05. Zero Mentality
06. Got Me On The Line
07. Die At War
08. Something Must Be Done

1982 Demos
09. Die At War
10. Leave It Behind
11. Him
12. Them Or Us
13. Deadly Rain
14. Job Well Done
15. Live As One
16. Nazi Youth
17. Die At War

Live At CBGB - June 11, 1983
18. Foreign Job-Lot
19. Something Must Be Done
20. Deadly Raine
21. Got Me On A Line
22. You Say You Didn't But You Did
23. Life As One
24. Nazi Youth
25. Herpes R Forever
26. Unaffected
27. Live For Nothing
28. Real Deal
29. Zero Mentality