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Give Up The Ghost "We're Down Til We're Underground"

"We're Down Til We're Underground" by Give Up The Ghost was originally released by Equal Vision Records on September 23rd, 2003. At the time of original release, American Nightmare were legally forced to change their name, and Give Up The Ghost was chosen. Produced by Jim Siegel (Blood For Blood, Slapshot) and Tim Cossar, "We're Down…" is true milestone of an album. Encapsulating the personal growth, strife, and struggle of the band members that helped to create it. From the first strummed notes of opening instrumental "(It's Sometimes Like It Never Started)" the album feels personal and thematic. In many ways, it is as if we are listening to the beat of the open heart of the creators. Because of this, it's difficult to pinpoint any high point in the music and lyrical content. Every song on "We're Down Til' We're Underground" effortlessly carries intense emotional weight in all it's layers. After all, it's an album born out of pressure and pain more so than most hardcore records (past or present) will likely ever be.

Deathwish, under exclusive license from Equal Vision Records, have reissued "We're Down Til We're Underground" on vinyl format.  The album has been remastered for vinyl by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering (Converge, Fucked Up).  This new version is offered in a gatefold jacket with revamped artwork and packaging.

Track Listing:
01. (It's Sometimes Like It Never Started)
02. Love American
03. Young Hearts Be Free Tonight (Viva Love)
04. Since Always
05. Calculation Nation
06. The Last Supper After Party (Domenic Palermo)
07. Crime Scene
08. Bluem (Calumet Street Light People)
09. A E I O U
10. Crush Of The Year
11. No Lotion Could Ever Unclog These Pores
12. We Killed It
13. (And Sometimes It's Like It Will Never End)

First Press:
346 - Transparent Purple (Band exclusive)
354 - Opaque Yellow
424 - Clear Yellow (Merch Now exclusive)
687 - Clear Orange
1012 - 180 Gram Black
2210 - Clear Pink