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Aim Of Conrad "Whiskey Slowboat"


"Whiskey Slowboat" is a wake up call to everyone who thinks they've heard it all before. Combining the high energy and decadent spirit of rock n roll with the complex arrangements and dissonant melodies of post-punk, Aim of Conrad have created a sound that brings the rock without the usual retro revivalist bullshit. Recorded in Washington D.C. with Trans Am knob twiddler Jonathan Kreinik during the frigid February of 2003. This debut EP sends a clear message to jaded, undersexed, Internet-obsessed kids everywhere "get the fuck up, get the fuck out, and get the fuck down."

"Imagine that you're really drunk watching Drive Like Jehu open up for Nirvana at a strip club. Yeah, that's Aim of Conrad." - MACROCK 2003

Track Listing:
"01. Lions and Lambs
02. Widowmaker
03. White Dragon
04. Belly
05. Snow Pigs
06. Keith Richards"