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Glory Kid


A. Johnson / A. Crupi "Posthumous Loves"

The collection of writs and photos contained in 'Posthumous Loves' interweaves nightmares and daydreams within a world far from fiction yet far from truth.

Anthony crashes through walls of loneliness and stumbles into living, breathing realms of love and loss from a desperate paranoid insomnia. Cursing the gods above and below and recording the progress, the prospects, and the most minute details along the way.

With a sharp eye for turning bleak, bland landscapes into beautiful photos that haunt and heal all at once; Allix Johnson's visual scope has given faces to feelings and the subjects of the visuals also give a new depth to Crupi's confounding prose.

Together, they have juxtaposed emotions on a scale far beyond what each medium could have possibly portrayed standing alone.

This is the duos 4th collection together and their most refined vision yet.

  • Limited to 100 Ist Edition.
  • Silkscreen jackets
  • Twine bounded
  • 4th installment in both artist's collaboration series