Slumberbox "Estoy Listo, Quiero Morirme" - Deathwish Inc

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Slumberbox "Estoy Listo, Quiero Morirme"

Seattle’s own Slumberbox have returned with two brand new tracks, this comes after their debut 2017 self-titled EP. Showing leaps and bounds in terms of growth, Slumberbox demonstrates that you can wear your influences on your sleeve without sacrificing originality. Taking heavy influences from Hum, Jawbox, Far, and Shiner, they have proven in this material that there is much more to explore and push in alternative rock. Drums and bass were recorded in an old Catholic church, The Unknown Recording Studio by Nicholas Wilbur. Guitars and vocals were recorded by Derek Moree at the Boiler Room. Mixed by Derek Moree (Pelican, Minus the Bear, Make Do And Mend). Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Code Orange, Sunn 0))), Black Tusk).

Track Listing: 
01. A Ways Away From Me
02. Estoy Listo, Quiero Morime
03. Of Blight and Blossoms
04. Bloodletting
05. Pacemaker
06. Harbor
07. Buried