Culture Shock "Self Titled" - Deathwish Inc

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Youth Attack


Culture Shock "Self Titled"

Urban life promises many rewards—lies that foster complacency and addiction. In the cities where these hotbeds fester, we observe in real time how societies fail. After a period of crisis, horrifying acts are normalized. Drugs become one's identity, hype is power, ego is abuse.

For the lone wolves and free thinkers disgusted by the mainstream echo chamber, they scorn the idea of getting along with self-proclaimed role models and their bland, conventional "fun." CULTURE SHOCK is a fist in the teeth of the Good Life, with an outrageous vendetta to take out the entitled parasites ruining the world.

CULTURE SHOCK's debut is an unapologetic and relentless pummel of US hardcore. Each of these 10 anthems delivers a feral intensity that we've come to expect from the Denver scene. Recorded on analog tape in Denver, Colorado and mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, maniacal vocalist Geoff D. sums it up it best when he proclaims "The Pack is small, but the bite is hard!"

300 on "Coke bottle clear" vinyl, housed in euro sleeves and heavy duty silver foil jackets with white spot lettering and lined in black flood printing.

Track Listing: 
01. Culture Shock
02. Lone Wolves
03. Chainbreaker
04. Stark Raving Mad
05. Nothing
06. Behind the Glass
07. Brave New World
08. You're Next
09. Stuck
10. Won't Play Your Games