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Cadaver Dog "Dying Breed"


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Easily the most negative hardcore album of all time, CADAVER DOG's debut LP showcases Denver one-man-army James Trejo as he flies off the handle like no one else—a visionary single-handedly shaping hardcore into what it should have always been. "Dying Breed" unleashes a savage musical assault, dialed to astounding levels of ferocity. These 15 songs can be considered the end conclusion to hardcore's aim, with a sound both timeless and fresh, assuring the listener that this is what nearly 40 years of bands have tried to achieve. Coming off the "Blunt Force Trauma" flexi from last year, "Dying Breed" is a rampage of relentless chord changes, rabid vocals and blazing tempos that fly by with the dizzying delirium of a fistfight. An album that lives up to its title in every regard, and aggressive lyrics that go further than any other "hardcore" band, "Dying Breed" is proof that CADAVER DOG stands alone.

All instruments and vocals executed James Trejo
Recorded at Dear Air Studios/ Bloodlust Studios 2015-2017
Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth
Cover painted by Ed Brady


Track Listing: 
01. Line in the Sand 
02. Blindsight 
03. No Bite/All Bark 
04. Repulsed 
05. Blackout Rage 
06. Battery 
07. Filed Down 
08. Teeth to Concrete 
09. Watch Your Back 
10. Bloodshot 
11. Group Think 
12. Picked Clean 
13. Vexed 
14. All for Nothing 
15. Final Nail