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The Arrival Note "Vol. 2"


As described in the title, “Vol. 2” is a continuation of The Arrival Note’s self-titled demo released in 2021. Shortly after the original EP was released, Joshua Howell and Kyle Weidner continued to write while playing some of the bands’ first shows. In mid-2022, The Arrival Note went back with studio producer, Ethan Murphy in Dade City, FL.

While “Vol. 2” pairs well with the demo, there is a clear distinction of where The Arrival Note is at today. The sound is much more dynamic—still inspired by ’90s emo, but also leaning more toward some of the anthemic sounds heard on early ’00s records like Elliott’s “False Cathedrals” or Sunny Day Real Estate’s “The Rising Tide”. There are quiet moments with acoustic guitars, followed by loud, distorted guitars and shouting from Joshua Howell—who drives more towards lyrics of love and hope. 2022 sees The Arrival Note at an inspiring growth, and now with a solid lineup moving forward, there is much excitement for what the band does next.

Track Listing:
01. XOXO
02. We Had a Deal
03. Grey
04. 4th of July