Broken Head "A Wishful Thing" - Deathwish Inc

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Broken Head "A Wishful Thing"


On “A Wishful Thing”, Broken Head is joined by new team members: drummer Evan White and studio producer, Trevor Reilly. The two help to bring out even more rhythm and dynamic from Broken Head’s already infectious choruses and melodies. On “A Wishful Thing”, Broken Head continue to shine in their ’90s alternative-rock sonic influences from Catherine Wheel, Swervedriver, etc. Rob and Alessio’s dual vocals continue to harmonize through the tracks, backed by their well-studied guitar tones, creating the perfect rhythms to get stuck in your head.

Producer Trevor Reilly allows the band to perform their sound well, tracking a more pristine and less polished recording. And while only four tracks, “A Wishful Thing” comes in at nearly 20 minutes. Broken Head is confident and comfortable in these songs, and as a listener, these minutes easily pass by and instantly begin to repeat.

Track Listing:
01. So Hollow
02. Runnin' In The Bay
03. Sugar
04. Tumbleweed