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Sunday Drive



  • Across their debut full-length album, HUSHMONEY paints the ridiculousness of existence so very right. Mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip (Code Orange, Turnstile, Mannequin Pussy, Title Fight, etc.) HUSHMONEY is a deft concept album about the faulty choices that bitter men nearing middle age can make, backed with the chances they have to redeem themselves if they know where to look. We’re all trying to figure out how to survive and make meaning—and to have a little fun in the process, too. If the band itself has been an escape hatch from mid-30s anxieties and disappointments for its members, its work here shows how much fun you can have and how good you can do when you start to turn that stuff on its head, to turn it all into a shout-out-loud rock song.

    The debut full-length follows HUSHMONEY’s EP *Success Pool*, which introduced their hardcore, 90s rock, and alt-country-influenced sonics paired with cheeky and lyric-driven storytelling. The five-piece band pairs Chris Gaylor of All-American Rejects and Phil Matarese, the creator and voice of HBO’s wonderfully playful Animals, with three longtime friends. Matarese, guitarist Michael Iannatto, and bassist Brian Barbaruolo began playing together in assorted outfits as young teenagers in rural New Jersey, forced to find social cachet outside of sports since their hometown football team won almost zero games during their entire adolescence. After they all found themselves in Los Angeles in their mid-thirties, they started another band, recruiting Gaylor and guitarist Matt Martin.

    HUSHMONEY became a way to blow off steam and hang out with old pals in a low-rent practice space downtown. They could vent about worst-case scenarios, play, and sing until it all felt a little more tolerable. The rock ’n’ roll sound of the band pairs with an unabashed and unironic embrace of the alternative rock that these five dudes now somewhere in their 30s totally loved as circa-millennia teens.

    Track Listing:
    01. Bad For You
    02. Freakout Handshake
    03. Bad Guy Until He Died
    04. Same Thing (For Mojo)
    05. 5x10x2
    06. Alan DeBruge
    07. Stop Me If You've Heard This One
    08. Afraid of Everything
    09. Soul People
    10. Hushmoney