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The Arrival Note "The Arrival Note"


The Arrival Note is a newly formed emo band from Tampa Bay, Florida by members Joshua Howell (Point of Contact, Contention) and Kyle Weidner. On their debut, self-titled EP, the band combines both the post-hardcore and indie rock that largely influenced the sound of the 90s emo. Songs like ‘Trajectory’ and ‘Floor’ display the slow, melodic guitars leading to explosive choruses—pulling in the influences of bands like Mineral and Braid, while songs ‘Run’ and ‘Isn’t That a Shame?’ show a faster, aggressive side of emo—influenced by bands like Texas is the Reason and Hey Mercedes. The Arrival Note pulls these sounds in from track to track and sequence them perfectly, showing they are very capable of playing a dynamic style in the genre.

Track Listing:
01. Trajectory
02. Run
03. Isn't That a Shame?
04. Floor