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Dull Mourning "Ugly Flame"


“Ugly Flame” is the debut EP from North Carolina post-hardcore/emo band, Dull Mourning. Following their single “Burdens” released earlier in summer 2021, “Ugly Flame” continues to expand more on the post-hardcore/emo dynamic that the band carved out so well. “Ugly Flame” revolves around the feeling of frustration and struggling in everyday life. Tracks like ‘Demigod’ and ‘Nosebleed’ question the meaning of everyday life, while ‘Narrow Losses’ confronts the struggle of coping with medication. There’s a lot of harsh truths of life addressed on “Ugly Flame”, yet they all align with the yearning to be a better person and get out of the constant struggle.

Track Listing:
01. Pity Party
02. Demigod
03. Nosebleed
04. Narrow Losses