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Lesser Men "Biding Time"


Biding Time is the first LP from Massachusetts band, Lesser Men. Following their previous EP, Loathe, the band continues to develop their sound into something greater than before, including powerful guitar melodies, more experimental, sometimes haunting clean-vocals, and of course vocalist, Robert Elijah Demayo returns with his amazing lyrics. Biding Time overall displays Lesser Men at their most powerful performance yet. This is not an album to miss out on if you are a fan of modern melodic and post-hardcore bands such as Underoath, Hundredth, and Counterparts.

Track Listing:
01. All Is Well
02. Full Of Doubt
03. Wasting Breath
04. Trance
05. Beckon Me
06. Masked
07. Bottled Burden
08. 2,305
09. Malice