Noose "The Moral Law" - Deathwish Inc

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Noose "The Moral Law"

The Chicago Vegan Straight Edge returns to REACT! Records, this time to take a moment, pause and look back upon the twisted path of shocked, offended and alienated witnesses left in their wake. Compiling “It’s Your Time” (REACT!), “The War of All Against All” (REACT!), “Depraved Indifference” (REFUSE) and obscure compilation tracks, THE MORAL LAW is the definitive collection of NOOSE’s recorded output to date. 20 tracks of vegan fueled, hate-filled philosophical rants you probably strongly disagree with or at least feel uncomfortable admitting to in public… cruelty-free (for the animals, at least).Hardline vegan straight edge played like it completely missed the 90’s.

Track Listing:
01. Rebuild The Walls
02. Collaborator
03. Noesis
04. Indefinite Detention
05. Obstructed
06. Furder
07. Confront Them
08. A Pound Of Flesh
09. The War Of All Against All
10. Backslider
11. Lex Talionis
12. Regulate
13. Indignation
14. Birth Of Death
15. Fuck Art
16. No Respect
17. Accused
18. Nous
19. Nature Red In Tooth and Claw
20. Hang