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Warxgames "Violent And Depressed"

This is a split release between React! in North America and Refuse in Europe. Sign up to be notified when these go on sale in North America above!

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Hailing from Baltimore City WARXGAMES formed as a outlet to focus intense personal and societal anger through the prism of straight-edge hardcore. VIOLENT AND DEPRESSED follows 2013's 9 TRAX/NO NIGHTMARE and surpasses its fury combining Early Hardcore and Primitive Power-Violence to devastating effect. Featuring members of: THE PIST, WALL BREAKER, TRIAC and DEEP SLEEP.

Track Listing: 
01. Early Warning 
02. Lost Myself 
03. Private Hell 
04. Draw The Line
05. Didn't Last 
06. Bootlicker 
07. Violent And Depressed 
08. My Problem 
09. Hold Back