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Break Away "Cross My Heart"

Richmond hardcore torchbearers BREAK AWAY are back with their sophomore LP, Cross My Heart, available now from REACT! Records. In a scene dominated by seasonal acts and disposable demos, where releasing even one full length is a noteworthy achievement, Break Away have established themselves as a focused, prolific and stalwart band dead set on leaving a lasting impact. On Cross My Heart, Break Away delivers exactly what you'd hope from a true straight edge hardcore band-- power, speed, and passion. Vocalist Ace Stallings explores the enduring duality of hardcore, the balance of aggression and introspection, asking "was I made for war, or made to create?" If Cross My Heart is any indication, the answer is both.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Disappear Here
02. Manufactured
03. Empire Falls (Strike 3)
04. Cold Wave, Snow Beach
05. What Are The Odds?
06. Ordinary Madness
07. A Letter To Those Lost
08. Glass Walls
09. Division / Treaty
10. Cross My Heart
11. The Sun Also Sets