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Spiral Heads "Spiral Heads"


Comprised of bassist/vocalist Simon Doom (MGMT), guitarist/vocalist Jim Carroll (American Nightmare), and drummer Q (Doomriders), Spiral Heads is a band that understands the importance of a hook. Sure, the power trio channel their melodic sensibilities through a scuzzed-up punk prism, but in the end, what they're doing is unapologetically catchy. Spiral Heads give props to The Damned, Buzzcocks, and early Nirvana in their bio materials, but it's the mention of Wipers that gets my attention since the Portland punk band rarely gets namechecked these days. "I think [Wipers founder] Greg Sage brought American punk rock to a different level," Simon Doom told me during a recent conversation about Spiral Heads.

Track Listing:
01. Baby’s Got Bangs
02. Done
03. A Number From Outer Space