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Quiet Panic


Oversize "Into The Ceiling"


Oversize draw inspiration not only from American alt-rock big hitters such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Dinosaur Jr, but also from closer to home in the UK’s home-grown sounds of New Wave, Shoegaze and even 90s Britpop. Formed just before the pandemic took hold, the alternative 5-piece used the unprecedented free time afforded by lockdown to forge a cohesive and unique sound with a litany of boutique guitar pedals, a rock-solid rhythm section and soaring vocal melodies.

Since the release the single ‘Drive’ and the subsequent debut EP ‘In Balance’ in Late 2021, Oversize have already have an impressive amount of live shows under their belt playing across the UK supporting the likes of Phoxjaw, Static Dress, Higher Power, Narrowhead, and Your Demise to name a few.

Track Listing:
01. Different Light
02. Taste
03. Wasted Soul
04. Dissolve
05. Drive
06. Nosedive
07. Lull
08. Spin