M.U.T.T. “Bad to the Bone” - Deathwish Inc

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Quiet Panic


M.U.T.T. “Bad to the Bone”


Crossbred from a mangey mix of Johnny Thunders and early blink demos, M.U.T.T. is the rabid soul of the sun bleached parking lot party. M.U.T.T.’s fleabitten grit is a love letter to band posters on the wall, car stereos shrieking through a window, and the timeless youth of late nights built for laughter. A hound hunting for a true home M.U.T.T. sniffs the riffs and barks just like it bites.

A mangey crossbreed of Johnny Thunders, Crüe, and the Buddha Tapes, M.U.T.T. is a rabid pack of hounds ready to let loose on your parking lot party. The good time flea-bitten grit of M.U.T.T. bares its teeth on ‘BAD TO THE BONE’ a straight-shot ten-track bottle rocket love letter to the howling soul of late nite rock n roll. Ditch the dogcatcher and run with M.U.T.T. as they bite the hand, sniffs the riffs, and lifts their leg on the world. Good boy.

Track Listing:
01. I Don't Wanna
02. Born to Raise Hell
03. Take it Easy
04. Bad to the Bone
05. Thee Party Song
06. High with You
07. Cruisin'
08. Whirl
09. Partners in Crime