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Pink Mexico "Mirrorhead"

  • Robert Preston Collum began the project Pink Mexico in 2013 with the release of "pnik mxeico.” Pink Mexico’s first LP attracted the attention of the Austin-based record label Fleeting Youth Records who then re-released "pnik mxeico" The sound has been described as “Landing somewhere between My Bloody Valentine's poppiest moments, Wavves's least bratty missives, the result is something like if Nirvana had had a surf rock phase.” - Noisey. Pink Mexico’s second full-length “Fool” was released via the French-based label Big Tomato Records in 2016 where Pink Mexico joined Honus Honus during their Use Your Illusion Tour as direct support across the East Coast in North America. Little Dickman Records released their third album “DUMP” in 2019. Unlike previous records, where Preston manned all instruments, this release included both Ian Everall and Grady Walker on bass and drums, respectively. At the height of the pandemic Pink Mexico released “Idiot Piss Illiterate” via San Francisco-based label Broken Clover Records. During the pandemic, Collum wrote and recorded “Mirrorhead” – Pink Mexico’s most definite and tangible work. “Mirrohead” is not only a record but a recollection of memories and experiences embroidered through experimentation and through the reconstruction of the self. Through the unknown, Collum revisited music writing and re-imagined his work, tracing a new and personal path. “Mirrorhead” is comprised of tracks recorded by Jeremy Scott and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins). “Mirrorhead” is set to be released in June 2023 via Quiet Panic Records.

    Track Listing:
    01. Hot Air
    02. Junkie Smile
    03. Shame
    04. Fuck it I Quit
    05. Delete
    06. ...
    07. Muring Calm
    08. Dungeonhead
    09. Stitches & Vicodin
    10. Victimhead
    11. Feeling Normal