THIEV "Break/Fade" - Deathwish Inc

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THIEV "Break/Fade"


Something infectious and energetic was woven through the songs of 90's melodic punk, and THIEV are tapping directly into that vein again today. With influences such as Bad Religion, AFI, Lifetime, Pennywise, and Saves the Day, their approach is to play sincere melodic hardcore with a heavy west coast influence while sticking to their NJ pop-punk/hardcore roots. Those who yearn for the catchy hooks, tasty riffs, and anthemic choruses of yesteryear will find a veritable feast of such attributes on this vinyl release which contains both EP's. And alongside the formative elements of past influence, these tracks definitely find a firm anchor in the authenticity of the present with their conscious lyrics and emotively mature songwriting. Featuring members of bands such as Hundreds of AU, Silence Equals Death, Entropy, Lesser Minds, and more, the seasoned players in THIEV are hailing a resurgence of high-energy punk rock with a long memory and a keen eye to the future. Let's go!

Track Listing:
01. Spinning
02. Meaningless
03. The In-Between
04. Where We Started
05. Noise Machine
06. The Paint Will Fade
07. A Break in the Fence