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demmers "Fears and Shadows"


The streets of northern New Jersey are paved with the dreams of people looking for an escape. Even driving to the beach means navigating a highway that cuts directly through a cemetery. Embracing this somewhat infamous Jersey gloom, Jerad Mione started writing the songs that would become demmers in the fall of 2023. Having an array of influences ranging from the early records of The Cure and The Chameleons to more modern fare like Bloc Party and Chain Cult, Jerad enlisted Tommy McGreevy and Matt Olsson to help perfect and record an EP worth of songs into existence. With years of hardcore songwriting and punk ethics (members share time in Kirby Kiss, Lesser Minds, Spell It Out, and more) under their belts, the trio behind demmers bring you six songs that detail the futility of dreams and the false promise of escape, all while diverging from their past musical leanings to bring listeners a fresh take on new wave and post punk.

Track Listing:
01. Wooden Soldiers
02. Swedish Fish
03. Terribly Missed
04. Battle Plans
05. My Patience
06. Too Far