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Leaving "Liminal"


Leaving, who hail from Oakland, CA, meld the heavy distortion of doom metal with the ethereal textures of shoegaze, forging an audio landscape that is devastatingly hypnotic and dripping with sorrow. Founded in 2021, they are a seasoned group of sonic architects who include members of Noothgrush, Amber Asylum, Graves at Sea, Lycus, and Funerary among them. Leaving weaves a musical tapestry that plunges listeners into the abyss with shadowy vocals adding emotional depth and somber undertones to their enormous sound. Lyrically they delve into themes of desolation, depression, loneliness, introspection, and the shadows that lurk within the human psyche. Leaving’s music paints a bleak but vivid, almost gossamer picture of a world consumed by decay. This interplay of light and shadow, coupled with an underlying heaviness, creates an atmosphere that is bound to envelop the listener in a shroud of mesmerizing gloom. With each note, the band invites you into the liminal space they’ve crafted – a space between worlds, emotions, and musical genres. Anticipate a profound sonic journey as Leaving sets the stage on their debut album, promising an immersive exploration of the thresholds of emotive heavy music. Are you ready to leave?

Track Listing:
01. Slow Motion Collapse
02. Broken Flame
03. I’m Just Resting My Eyes (Interlude)
04. Downturn
05. Hollow Ache
06. Liminal