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Drill Sergeant "Vile Ebb"


This is the first full-length from Philadelphia's raw hardcore unit Drill Sergeant, and the follow up to their highly-praised 2020 demo - The Cosmic Leash. Influences here from bands like Infest, Punch, Crossed Out, Gag, etc, but with a cavernous, spacial vibe. Dark, heavy, fast hardcore music that explores universal themes like isolation, frustration, and curiosity. Cover art by Cain Cox. comes with a download card.

Track Listing:
01. DSNW
02. Laugh Track
03. Branded
04. The Cosmic Leash
05. Blood Nectar
06. Burning Question
07. Deep November
08. Good For You
09. Lodge
10. Cognition Gap
11. Their World
12. Real Evil
13. Sense of Community